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Shrink films

Shrink films


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Shrink packaging is a very common pack type, not only in food but in a vast range of products. Concerning food however, agricultural produce or bakery products can be easily and economically packed, with or without trays, with this method.

During the shrink packing process, film first creates a rather loose envelope around the product through thermosealing and then it shrinks undergoing a higher temperature.

In order though the above shrink pack be professional and attractive, shrink film should have some specific qualitaties. For more convenience you can watch video with features and applications here: 


Kapelis packaging distributes shrink films produced by Syfan, a world class manufacturer in quite competitive prices! These films are certified for food contact polyolefins which, after the necessary process, can give a variety of characteristics, such as:

- Mono or multi-layered structure

- Antifogue properties

- Antistatic properties.

- Hot needle perforation in order the venting holes not to widen during shrinkage.

- Variable shrinkage power ('weak' or 'strong'), according to product's toughness.

- Strong shrink memory (film continues to shrink after packing). Concerns products that continue to loose volume, for example due to dehydration.

- Very good up to hermetic sealing.

- Sealing even in relatively low temperatures (for sensitive products and/ or high packing speeds).

- Special coating to retain print ink.

- "Heavy duty" films for products that demand durable films.

Offered shrink films are unanimus in their properties along their whole surface and towards all directions. This means uniformity of shrinkage along both film axes (vertical and longitudinal), durability in fast machines and better sealing.
Furthermore, due to special radiation, film elements do not migrate onto the packed product.

Above shrink films are delivered either single or center folded.

Kapelis Packaging also suggests the value for money ONSHRINK SOLO smallshrink machines.

The main Syfan film types available are:




  • A general purpose shrink film with very good clarity, strong seals and durability.
  • High burnout resistance and wide range of shrink temperature.
  • Suitable for medium and high speed packing systems.

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  • Strong seals and an excellent shrink appearance.
  • Good value for money.



 307s (static seal)

  • Suitable for static seal systems.
  • Superior transparence and gloss.
  • Suitable for sensitive products.




  • Soft cross-linked shrink film.
  • Quick and soft shrink at low temperatures.
  • User-friendly.
  • No "dog ears".

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  • Versatile cross-link shrink film.
  • Outstanding performance on a wide range of packing machines.
  • Low seal and shrink temperatures.
  • Outstanding stability.

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701AF (Anti-Fog)

  • A cross-linked film developed especially for fresh produce and other fresh and frozen packing applications.
  • Soft and flexible film.
  • Performs beautifully on a wide range of shrink packing equipment, especially on high-speed Flowpack machines.

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  • Cross-linked polyolefin shrink film suitable for a wide range of packing applications.
  • Strong and durable seals as well as very high burnout resistance.
  • Wide range of shrink temperature with excellent optical properties.
  • No "dog ears".

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Syfresh PF

  • Film series with or without anti-fog properties, developed especially for poultry industry.
  • Strong, hermetic seals for leak proof packaging while extending the products shelf life.
  • Lasting shrink memory and excellent stability.

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