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Top lidding films

Packaging films


At every packaging, film choice is essential in order to have the necessary properties such as:

  • Low or regular gas permeability (high or low barrier respectively).
  • High gas permeability through lazer microperforation.
  • Anti-fog properties for products that produce water vapor
  • Permanent lock seak or easy peel

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KAPELIS packaging by representing PLASTOPIL, a high quality flim producer, is in position to provide a wide range of packaging films such as:

  • TOPLEX: top lidding films for tray sealing (PE, PP, CPET, APET, PS, aluminum) or for envelope packaging
  • MULTIFORM: flexible thermoforming films
  • PLASTOBARR: Vacuum and MAP pouches
  • PLASTOFRESH: VSP (Vacuum Skin Packaging) films
  • TARIBO: Fresh Produce Packaging

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All films can be printed up to 8 colours in high resolution flexography or rotogravure so as to have the necessary modern appearance.

We may find in collaboration the necessary film after your product's specifics.