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Vacuum bags

Vacuum Bags



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For Vacuum Packaging are offered ready bags PA / PE in a wide range of different sizes:

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  • Thickness of 70, 90, 145, 170 and 200 microns.
  • Wide range of ready-made sizes or customized dimensions.
  • With a single (bottom seal) or three sides seal. A two sides seal is also an option.
  • Transparent or in a series of basic colors (white, red, yellow, green) or any custom color for better protection of sensitive products against the light.
  • With transparent front side and a gold / silver backside for packages of extremely high quality.vacuum product eurohole small
  • "Eurohole" option.
  • With the possibility for high quality print.
  • Very good sealing.



Also, our company offers a series of specialized vacuum packaging materials:


  • MLX Bags ("boilable") for pasteurization up to 950 C(with high gas barrier).vacuum product 3
  • SF Bags for sterilization and baking at temperatures up to 1210C. Depending on the application, they can also be classified as "boilable".
  • Bags OPA / PE for deep freezing temperatures down to -400C. Suitable for internal (sandwich) print, resistant to wear and extremely clear.
  • Gusseted bags for a square vacuum packaging for products such as coffee (recommended in combination with vertical vacuum chamber by the German companyboss vacuum site
  • Embossed bags for vacuum machines of "external" type.