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Automatic Filling Line 6000
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Automatic filling line 6000

Automatic filling line 6000 is designed for packaging liquid and pasty products in ready-made packaging (bottles, cans, jars, etc.) and their further capping. The line operates with both plastic and glass packaging, volume up to 10 l. The line combines linear type modules, connected with conveyors – for rinsing, filling and capping. Stainless structure, all the details are made of corrosion resistant steels and plastics, allowed for dairy industry. Modules construction allows placing depending on desired layout. The line can be complemented with additional equipment: PET preform moulding machine, labeling devices, Ink jet printer, shrink-wrapping machines, etc.

Products to be packed:

Milk, yoghurt, sour cream, cream; oils, sauces, mayo, mustard, ketchup, tomato paste; condensed milk, honey, marmalade, jam, chocolate paste; juces, fruit drinks and concentrates, etc. Liquid and paste non-food products: chemicals, liquid soap, washing fluids, etc.

General Features:

> Rinsing module (treatment with ozonated water / hydrogen peroxide / steam)
> Filling module (dosing system of volumetric or flowmetric type) with several types of hoppers
> Capping module (screw caps twist-off or plastic)
> Conveyors (straight or angled)
> Kinematic speed: 6000 cycles/ h
> Dose volume: 0,1 – 1,4 lt


> PET preform moulding machine
> Bottles uploading device
> Bottles pneumatic delivery system
> Conveyor cleaning system
> Defoaming system
> Pumping station (for dosing system cleaning)
> Labeling device
> Sleeve machine (sleeve label)
> Ink jet printer
> Rotating table
> Shrink-wrapping machines
> Pallet machine
> Set for transition to another packaging size and type
> Ultra clean version

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