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SBB 800
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Box Motion flowpack machine for MAP technology

SBB800 applies the Box Motion sealing method, therefore is the ideal solultion to pack products through MAP technology. Also, it can detect products of variable length in order not to cut them. Film reel is positioned below the feeding conveyor (can be positioned above on order) allowing thus to pack not only single but also multiple products. The machine provides perfectly hermetic seals, even in its max speeds. It is moved by 5 servomotors and 4 asynchronous motors.

General Features:

> 100% inox, strudy construction.

> Adjustable sealing jaws opening.

> Simplified, thus more reliable, sealing jaws.

> 13’’ colour touch screen.

> 100 program memories.

> Possibility to make bags open in one (front/ rear) side.

> Motorized film pulling.

> Electronic box with high quality parts, according to EU safety directives. 24 Volts circuit.

> Made in Europe.

Optional, on order:

> Cliche Printer, Programmable printer.

> Pressure sponges for air removal.

> Cold film perforator.

> Side gusseting.

> Alcohol spray device.

> Bags of variable length.

> Gas analyzer (for one gas).

> Adjustable or fixed forming unit.

> Feeding conveyor extension.

> A whole series of other extras or specific adaptations.

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