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SR 500 with Loading Conveyor System
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Flowpack machine with a large loading conveyor

The ideal solution to pack a large range of food or non-food products, both individually and collectively. Fast (up to 300 ppm mechanical speed), with a 2,2 meters long feeding conveyor and an adjustable forming device, has the necessary flexibility to adapt in most applications. Unique controlling system with 100 recipe memories, minimizes change time between products as well as worker’s interventions. It can be also delivered with a 5 phasing conveyors module on order for an automatic connection to existing production lines. This fully automatizes and speeds up a production line, reaching a mechanical speed of up to 400 ppm.

General Features:

> 100% inox, sturdy construction.

> 7’’ colour touch screen.

> 100 program memories and USB plug to copy recipes to other flowpack machines.

> Electronic box with high quality parts, according to EU safety directives. 24 Volts circuit.

> Made in Europe.

> Bag length up to 1 meter.

> 3 film pulling wheels, the second hot for the longitudinal sealing.

> Delivered with extra spare parts kit.

Optional, on order:

> Phasing conveyors.

> Cliche Printer, Programmable printer.

> Photocell for printed film.

> Zig-Zag cut, easy open slot.

> Euroslot.

> Side gusseting, various types.

> Special feeding/ exit conveyors.

> No product – No bag.

> A whole series of other extras or specific adaptations.

Packaging Materials
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