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TF-RPP 2000
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Pure-pack filling machine 2000

Automatic machine of linear-rotary type TF-RPP 2000 is designed for filling liquid products in rectangle bags of high-density cardboard with double-sided polyethylene coating . Working process includes bag forming from cardboard blanks, cap welding (optionally), volumetric dose filling, hermetic sealing and date printing. Dose volume: 0,25 to 1 lt. Kinematical speed: 2000 cycles/ h.

Products to be packaged:
Milk, baked milk, yogurt, cream, sour cream; juice, fruit drinks and concentrates; wine.

Types of packaging:
Rectangle cardboard bags of different shape and size.

> Stainless steel structure.
> High filling accuracy.
> CIP-cleaning adapted.
> Dosing system structure is fully adapted for CIPcleaning: all the surfaces and chambers can be rinsed without disassembling.
> Accessories from leading manufacturers (Festo, SMC, Omron, B&R, Schneider Electric, etc.).
> Beijar Electronics color touch screen 10”.

Standard accessories:
> Conveyors.
> Rotary transporting system.
> Hopper.
> Dosing system.
> Defoaming system.
> Dater.

Optional, on order:
> Cap welding unit.
> Filtration system for packaging in clean environment.
> CIP station.
> Shrink-wrapping machines for transport packaging.

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