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Triblock TF 1000
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Triblock TF 1000

The compact monoblock machine is designed to automatic fill liquid and viscous dairy products into PET-bottles and twisting them with plastic caps with guard collar. Metal units and parts of the machine in contact with food products are made of corrosion-resistant material. The filling continuous operation machine is a monoblock which combines machines for sequential functions (3) of the technological process:
> rinsing
> filling
> capping

General Features:

> Safety guards
> Unit of container delivery (manual/from pneumatic conveyor)
> Filling by weight
> A set of valves’ injectors for filling of liquid dairy products
> Possible connection to CIP
> System “Pick&place”
> Orienting hopper
> No bottle – no flushing
> No bottle – no filling
> No bottle – no capping
> No cap – no capping
> Kinematical speed: 1000 cycles/ h
> Dose volume 0,1 – 1 lt


> Close chamber
> Close chamber with sterile air feeding (HEPA filter)
> A set of valves’ injectors for filling of dense dairy products
> A set of injectors for automatic flushing of the safety chamber and main units
> A set of injectors for disinfection of the close chamber with disinfectant solution
> Caps UV-treatment unit

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