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Triblock TF 6000
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Triblock TF 6000

TRIBLOCK TF 6000 is an automatic machine which combines the following operations in sequential technological process:

> Rinsing (one-phase or two-phase bottle rinsing). It is used to remove industrial and transportation pollution (dust), inner surfaces of bottles are flushed for 6-10 seconds.  Rinsing is performed with ozonated water.

> Filling still liquids in PET bottles. It is performed by HBM weight batching. Product dose volume is set on the machine control panel. Dose volume is constantly variable. Dose shutoff is performed by air operated valves with defoaming.

> Capping with tamper evident plastic caps.  Automatic cap orientation (feeding), capping is performed by twisting. Number of cap twists is set using the control panel. Capping chucks make it possible to use caps made of materials of different thickness and stiffness. Caps are disinfected with UV before the capping unit. Mechanical drive of capping head lowering minimizes wear and maintenance requirement.

Products to be packed:

Milk, yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt, cream and other dairy products.

General Features:

> Closed chamber
> Unit of container delivery
> No bottle – no rinsing
> Block of one-solution rinsing (ozonated water)
> Non contact dosing system
> No bottle – no filling
> Automatic cap feeding system
> Possible connection to CIP
> ZIP set
> PLC providing remote access and connection with manufacturing plant via internet + touch screen
> Kinematical speed: 6000 cycles/ h
> Dose volume: 0,1 – 2 lt


> Ozonation station
> System to prepare sterile water + recirculation system with reservoir
> Set of washing nozzles regulated from the machine control panel for washing grippers of the rinser, filling unit, filling valves
> Unit of preparatory bottle disinfection by OXONIA solution injection into the bottles
> Dummy-bottle system for flushing filling unit by flow – counterflow with return of washing solution to the CIP-system
> CIP system including nozzles for rinsing of storage hopper, dosing valves and pipe connections.
> System for cap treatment with high intensity UV lamps
> Automatic cap elevator
> Capping with screw cap using Pick & Place system, with cap sensor in the flow
> Chamber for pressurization in the filling area using ventilation and HEPA filters
> Clean modification (Hepa- filter)
> Ultra Clean modification (two-phase rinsing, Hepa-filter)
> Dosing of thick products (e.g. yoghurt with fruit additives)
> CIP-station
> Printer
> Sorting out device

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