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Kapelis Packaging S.A., in collaboration with the highly-esteemed German company Cassel, offers the TELTEK C series of product checkweigher machines· a machine series of exceptional speed and precision, suitable for the inspection of a wide range of products. The machines of this series are easy to use, with the changes between products as well as the changes in each product configuration to be carried out quickly and easily with a minimum downtime. Depending on each individual model, the function keys are integrated in the management screen, an attribute which eliminates the need for an external keyboard interface, or alternatively, all machine functions are managed entirely from the installed high-definition touch screen. They use a high-quality conveyor belt, offering ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Depending on each model configuration, the TELTEK C chechweigher series indicatively offers:

  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminium coating or a complete stainless steel construction with an IP 66 protection rating, suitable for the food industry.
  • High-definition 15-inch color management touch screen.
  • Automatic disposal system for defects, with transversal pusher, reject/drop flap or air blast, etc.
  • Discarded product collection bin.
  • Disposal system cover.
  • Various conveyor belt dimensions.
  • Minimal maintenance needs, with great ease of cleaning.
  • Hundreds or thousands of freely programmable memory slots.
  • Adjustable conveyor belt speed.
  • Ethernet connection.
  • High reliability of weight inspection function enabling a 24-hour constant operation of the machine.
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