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Absorbent Pads

Absorbing and Self-Life extending pads and liners from Sirane are technologically advanced packaging pads for fruits & vegetables, meat, poultry, fish and cheese, which can be used with trays, vacuum bags as well as in thermoforming and thermo-sealing packaging types. Packaging machines such as heat & tray-sealers as well as thermoforming and vacuum machines can incorporate absorbent pads in their packaging line.


They are specifically designed and studied to effectively absorb the product’s liquids, for clean, safe and efficient packaging and transportation, while they can also absorb odours, lock moisture in or out (depending on the specific product), be embossed or shock adsorbing and/or anti-microbial –  anti-bacterial, thus enhancing the product’s shelf-life. These highly advanced absorbing pads can also be ovenable if needed. They are available in custom sizes, absorbency levels and colours to meet all applications and needs.

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