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Cardboard and Plastic Vertical Balers
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Cardboard and Plastic Vertical Balers

Kapelis Packaging S.A., in collaboration with the highly esteemed German manufacturer HSM, offers the technologically advanced and fully efficient V-Press range of baling machines· the absolute first choice in paper, cardboard and plastic balers, with incomparable quality and wide range of capabilities.


The V-Press model series offers the following advantages:

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Reduction of recyclable waste up to 95%
  • Ergonomic and compact design/dimensions, small footprint
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Massive press ram and extremely robust press plate guidance
  • Automated press ram return at the end of the pressing procedure
  • Torsion control system, which prevents one side from overloading during the compression process
  • Modern microprocessor control with membrane keypad and graphical display, which displays the respective current status
  • Possibility to choose a program for compressing plastic film or cardboard
  • Spacers for optimal positioning of the euro pallet, in order to receive the compressed materials
  • Easy and safe start-up
  • The pressing procedure starts automatically upon closing the door
  • Upon opening the door, a security switch assures an automatic stop of the pressing procedure
  • Possibility of making a profit through the promotion of the compressed recyclable material to a recycling company

Depending on the category and the specific machine model, the following capabilities and configurations are offered, among others:

  • Bale removing and transporting with the use of a trolley or by a mechanical ejector on a compatible pallet
  • Special retaining claws that optimize the compression of the pressing material, increasing both the loading volume and the volume of the bale output
  • Loading flap or sliding door configuration in order to fill the baler
  • Machine door lock configuration: rotating hand wheel lock, bell-crank lever or hydraulic door lock



Our technicians possess many years of experience in packaging machinery. They are trained continuously, both in Greece and abroad, thus they are certified by the constructing companies for machine installation and service. In order to resolve any issue, we schedule appointments with one of our specialized technicians.

We immediately respond to your requests regardless which region of Greece they come from. Our Technical Department aims at quick and accurate service.



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