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Quality Control Machinery and Devices
Quality Control Machinery and Devices

Quality could be defined as the totality of the properties and characteristics of a product that meet specific needs.

In other words, quality is defined as the combination of those characteristics of food, which are considered important for determining the depth of its acceptance by the consumer, of course always guided by safety assurance and public health safeguarding.

Quality control (QC) is any action aimed at producing a food that meets a predetermined and consistent quality level.

Quality is a constant requirement in our times and end consumers/ customers request to be provided with high quality products of all kinds, let alone food.

The main objectives of Quality Control (QC) in a Food Production Unit are:

Ensuring the production of healthy products that meet the specifications of the state and/ or the customer,

Maintaining and/ or improving the quality level of the products, so that they acquire added value and facilitate their placement in the market,

Minimize the risk of infections that have as a final result the rejection of large product quantities leading to respective economic and other consequences.

Industrial quality control can and should be imposed in three stages:

Raw materials.
During the production process.
Upon the final product. The control of the final product is necessary in order to determine any omissions in the previous stages of production.
Following a many year presence in the field of packaging materials and machinery, Kapelis Packaging is now entering the field of quality control in the food industry, offering quality control machinery and devices.

Indicatively, the company’s respective range includes: metal detectors, X-ray detectors, residual gas analyzers for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), detectable consumables, etc.


Our technicians possess many years of experience in packaging machinery. They are trained continuously, both in Greece and abroad, thus they are certified by the constructing companies for machine installation and service. In order to resolve any issue, we schedule appointments with one of our specialized technicians.

We immediately respond to your requests regardless which region of Greece they come from. Our Technical Department aims at quick and accurate service.



Quality Control Machinery and Devices
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