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Shrink Wrap Machines

Shrinking is one of the oldest packing methods with a wide range of applications and great flexibility. So, shrinking wrap machines are the tool to accomplish this process.

They use the ability of various film types, such as polyolephine films (PO), which shrink through heat and wrap around the product. Kapelis Packaging provides the thermoshrinking machine series “OnShrink” with excelent value for money rate. From manual, one-step machines and semi-automatic, electronic L-sealers (with optional shrinking tunnel) to fully automatized production lines, either with a step motion function (vertical guillotine) or with a continuous motion (box motion) sealing bar.

OnShrink machines can pack a wide range of products such as cheese, meat, fish, fruits, other food packed in carton boxes and many other food or non-food products.

Kapelis Packaging also provides a large variety of excellent quality shrink films of international standards, produced by Syfan, that are in perfect coordination with OnShrink machines for the best result possible.


Our technicians possess many years of experience in packaging machinery. They are trained continuously, both in Greece and abroad, thus they are certified by the constructing companies for machine installation and service. In order to resolve any issue, we schedule appointments with one of our specialized technicians.

We immediately respond to your requests regardless which region of Greece they come from. Our Technical Department aims at quick and accurate service.



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