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Adhesive Tapes

Packaging any product in a carton box is not safe if the box is not reliably sealed. The most common box sealing method, by hand or by machine, includes some type of adhesive tape.

Many different packaging tape types exist, made of various substrate (plastic film, paper etc.) and adhesive (acrylic, silicon, natural rubber etc.) combinations. Factors such as use (e.g. resistance against low temperature or significant weight), aesthetics, required noise level during unwinding, the packer’s or consumer’s environmental concern etc. play a role in choosing the right tape type. In any case, attributes such as sealing strength and durability, guaranteed reel length etc. are very important in order to deem any packaging tape reliable.

Kapelis Packaging, aiming to totally satisfy its customers’ needs, offers the reliable acrylic adhesive tapes baring its own brand name: OnTape:

For hand use (dispenser), or for use with carton sealing machines.Various sizes available (width, reel length), noisy or low noise, transparent or brown, possibility for custom surface print.

Moreover, Kapelis Packaging has introduced the innovative, compostable adhesive tapes in its range, as an eco-friendly alternative.

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