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Eco Friendly Tapes

Eco-friendly Packaging Tapes


Kapelis Packaging’s range includes innovative, eco-friendly adhesive tapes!

  • Made of sustainable materials (film made of vegetable raw material, adhesive made of natural rubber)
  • Providing high sealing strength
  • Certified as Industrially Compostable

Dimensions (Width x Length): 50mm x 80 m, 50 mm x 1200 m, 12 mm x 80 m

Also available paper adhesive tapes (with natural rubber adhesive), 65% made of sustainable raw material.

Dimensions (Width x Length): 50mm x 50 m, 50 mm x 500 m, 150 mm x 500 m

P. Kapelis S.A.
Zinonos 11, VI.PE.
Κoropiou, 19441, Attica
G.E.MI : 2373401000
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