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Kapelis Packaging  offers a full range of packaging films, simple and specialized, for a variety of packaging applications. A significant stock is always held, in our compatibly configurated warehouse,  and all products are delivered to the customers in excellent condition due to the ISO certified safety, hygiene and storage standards.

Lidding films (heat sealable)

For sealing of trays and cups made of various materials, single- or multi-layer, lock seal or easy open/ peel, with or without antifog, low (LB) or medium (MB) or high (HB) gas barrier, suitable for freezing, refrigerator, microwaves, oven (in combination with ovenable trays) etc.

Shrink films

Made of polyolefins suitable for food contact, mono-  or multi-layer, cross-linked or not,  center folded or single, perforated or not, antifog, antistatic, “heavy duty” etc.

Thermoforming films (TFFS films)

Flexible or rigid, mono- or multi-layer, medium or high gas barrier, ovenable etc.

Top Skinpack (VSP) Films

Pillow-type packaging Films

For flowpack and vertical packaging machines (HFFS, VFFS), simple or specialized, for freezing, suitable for modified atmosphere packaging (ΜΑΡ), perforated etc.

Cling Film

In a variety of dimensions and attributes, for hand or machine use.

Stretch Film

For palletization, for hand or machine use, pre-stretched or not.

“Breathing Films” – shelf life extension of fruits and vegetables

 Custom printing upon order available for most film types.

All films provided by Kapelis Packaging are certified suitable for food contact and are produced according to the “less plastic – same attributes” principle.

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