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Multilayered Sealing Films

Plastopil is a producer of high-standards films that cover a large scope of applications.

Utilizing special production methods and resins, Plastopil emphasizes the production of thin, yet effective, high-tech films yielding thus more square meters per product kg with obvious economic benefit.


Suitable for top sealing of trays, either premade or at spot thermoformed. Advanced co-extrusion and lamination technologies give multilayered films of up to 11 layers with a big variety of properties such as:

> Sealing

  • Lock strong seal for demanding applications such as hot filling
  • Easy peel. Toplex EP-C especially is an easy open film developed to seal on all tray materials!
  • Burst peel. It is an ingenious easy open seal version: the film lock seals on the tray but it is delaminated at the sealing surface when it opens (it “bursts open”), therefore it combines lock seal strength with the convenience of easy opening.
  • Recloseable seal for re-usable packs. Suitable for APET trays or trays with a PE sealing layer

> Gas barrier:

  • High Barrier (HB) suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
  • Medium Barrier (MB), suggested for shorter period MAP applications for short life products
  • Low Barrier (LB) when MAP is not of interest
  • Laser microperforated Permeable films for “breathing” packs, mostly agricultural products

> Usage temperatures

  • Freezing conditions
  • Chilling conditions
  • Microwave reheating (in combination with PP or CPET trays)
  • Pasteurization (in combination with PP or CPET trays)
  • Baking in a conventional oven (TC films range with ovenable CPET trays)

> Anti-Fog (AF) properties: most film types have already AF properties or their AF version. Suitable for steamy products

> HT (High Tension) films: highly transparent films that remain under tension after sealing (they are not loose). Lock seal on PE & PP trays

> Suitable for all tray substrates:

  • PE (as an internal sealing layer in pre-formed trays or thermoforming films)
  • PP
  • PS
  • PVC
  • Even aluminum without any sealing lacquer

Above properties can be combined at the same film, covering this way quite a wide range of general or specific applications. Furthermore, many of these film types are suitable for flowpack applications.



Finally, high resolution print up to 8 colors is possible in all the above film types. In most of them it is an internal print, ie between film layers, suitable thus for food contact and also protected from wear.

PA/PE Sealing Films

Composite films made of polyamide (PA) and polyethylene (PE) are a popular packaging solution thanks to their diversity. This material is frequently used in the food industry

They can be used in PE substrates (in both premade trays and thermoforming films) and are characterized by medium-high gas barrier, suitable for MAP or vacuum applications. Furthermore, they can have an EVOH layer for even higher barrier properties.

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