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When packing fresh meat it is necessary to somehow modify package’s internal “atmosphere”, either by using a mixture of inert gases to create MAP or by totally vacating and removing it. When it comes to the red meat however, it is also necessary to keep some Oxygen (usually 5%) in order to maintain meat’s red and attractive color.


Tray or vacuum packaging is recommended for fresh meat.

Envelop packaging: Mainly applied to frozen meat products and requires a vertical packaging line, usually in combination with a multi-head weigher, as well as the corresponding film.

Kapelis Packaging offers frozen meat & poultry packaging solutions delivering freshness, protection and the highest standards of food hygiene

For bulk supply from farm to processors, we have a range of transit packaging solutions to protect your products.  All packaging in direct contact with food is tested to meet all relevant legislative requirements.

Polypropylene (PP) is the most common material for trays intended for fresh meat. Even that PP does not keep a Modified Atmosphere for long, it is sufficient for short-term consumption. Kapelis Packaging offers a full range of 1/2 gastronomes at different heights, even with more than one compartment, suitable for packing all kinds of fresh meat.

Ovenable packaging: fresh meat can be also packet in bags that can be used directly in an oven! Plain or marinated or accompanied with other ingredients, a ready-to-eat meat recipe can be packed in a ready-to-bake package. A variety of such bags are offered depending on meat’s weight, existence of hard bones, max temperature (up to 2200C), or its usage in microwaves, conventional oven, sous vide or even BBQ!

Kapelis Packaging offers frozen meat & poultry packaging solutions delivering freshness, protection and the highest standards of food hygiene

Another tray category is the foam tray category, wrapped around with stretch film. However in this case it is impossible to create MAP. Kapelis Packaging however offers foam trays that can be sealed with lid film (not just wrapped). These trays also have small absorbent holes without the unsightly pad.

Finally, there are customers that use ovenable CPET trays to pack treated/marinated meat which can be baked by the consumer directly in the tray.

Concerning the sealing films, Kapelis Packaging offer films with excellent optical and mechanical properties which will retain the perfume and taste of the product.

Vacuum packaging is also another method of preserving fresh meat. Here, the atmospheric air is completely removed and the method is often applied to slices of fresh meat (bacon, ham, turkey, etc.). Additionally, a vacuum chamber can also have gas flush capability in order to inject gas after pumping air. For this method, a vacuum chamber and the appropriate bags and are required.

A variant of vacuum packaging is also the skin pack method, where the film “follows” exactly and wraps tightly the product. Special film is required (available by Kapelis Packaging at competitive price) as well as the appropriate thermoforming machine.

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