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Trays & Cups

A large range of trays & cups in various shapes, dimensions and uses is available, always certified for food contact.

The use of one-use containers gives the following advantages:

> Protection during storage, transportation and retailing from contaminations, dirt, etc.

> Better preservation of quality and organoleptic characteristics.

> Shelf life extension, especially when combined with MAP

> The product is standardized, therefore its cost can be accurately controlled.

> The product is better presented and marketed.

> A proper package helps the consumer when using the product.

> Depending on the material, a tray can be suitable for the necessary for each product temperatures: from deep freeze up to microwaves, even baking in an oven!

Each material is suggested for a range of applications:

> CPET for baking in an oven or storage in deep freeze conditions or MAP (as it has a High Barrier).

> PP for hot filling, microwaves or pasteurization, or even short term MAP.

> APET & PS for enhanced product presentation, even short term MAP.

A tray can close either with a lid (separate or hinged) or sealed with a lid film at tray sealer, both available by Kapelis packaging.

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