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PP trays for Microwaves
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PP trays for Microwaves

Polypropylene (PP) is ideal for chill and ambient conditions as well as higher temperature applications such as reheating in a microwaves oven. To be used between 0°C and +65°C.


> Suitable for hot food packaging

> Certified for food contact

> Can be top sealed with film (lock seal or easy open)

> Many items can also close with a snap on lid, separate or hinged

> Suitable for use in a microwaves oven, hot filling, pasteurization

> A special PP version (Copolymer) can be used in freezing conditions

> Recyclable> Suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for short life fresh products (e.g. fresh meat, cut salad)

> Big variety of shapes, dimensions and compartments

> Standar colors: transparent, black or white

Optionally more colors such as greenyellowblue and orange on order.









Mainly used in:

> Fresh meat, fish

> Ready meals, delivery

> Fresh cut salad

> Agricultural products

> Dry Nuts

> In general, whichever product needs high temperatures treatment (except baking in oven)

It is noted that Kapelis Packaging has developed a specific desktop manual tray sealer for ready meal applications in 187 x 137mm PP trays (and various depths).

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