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Vacuum Packaging Machines
Vacuum Packaging Machines

Vacuum packaging machines perform the process of extracting air around a product and then sealing the product in an impermeable package..

It protects the product from oxidation, spoilage and contamination while it reduces its volume.

Vacuum packaging is used in the food industry for products such as cheese, meat or fish, and in general in a wide variety of industries.

It requires the necessary vacuum chamber and the relevant vacuum pouches.

BOSS-VAKUUM with a 50-year experience, guarantees accurate design & construction of a professional vacuum chamber as well as its effective opperation with no interruptions.


Our technicians possess many years of experience in packaging machinery. They are trained continuously, both in Greece and abroad, thus they are certified by the constructing companies for machine installation and service. In order to resolve any issue, we schedule appointments with one of our specialized technicians.

We immediately respond to your requests regardless which region of Greece they come from. Our Technical Department aims at quick and accurate service.



Vacuum Packaging Machines
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