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Vertical Vacuum Machines
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Vertical vacuum chambers

VA series of german manufacturer Boss Vakuum is designed for vertical vacuum packaging, aiming to appealing briquette bags and store and transport cost reduction. Equipped with metal inserts (of customised upon order dimensions) leading to the desired -not varying- final product appearance.

Models available:

> VX 630 VA
> V 810 VA
> V 50 VA
> V 42 VA

General Features:

> Stainless steel structure, suitable for food contact
> Reliable vacuum pumps by BUSCH
> Secure seal
> Metal lid for high pressures which opens automatically
> Boiling point detector


> More powerful vacuum pump
> MAP feature
> Soft air feature
> Seal-cut welding
> Double welding
> Observation window on lid
> Chamber/ lid of special dimensions

Packaging Materials
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