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Vacuum Chambers for Automatic Lines
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General Features:

> Programmable sensor controller Z 3000
> intuitive control panel that is protected against sprayed water
> exact vacuum and gas sensor
> 99-programme memory
> vaporisation point detection, soft ventilation available
> quick stop button, button lock
> staged vacuum, vacuum shock function
> continuous running service program

Vacuum pump
> high-performance pump from Busch
> maximum vacuum value from 99.9 %
> various pump sizes available (250 / 300 m3/ h)
> pump in oxygen version possible

Welding system
> high-pressure welding for optimal sealing pressure
> consistent results even with thicker types of bags
> standard double welding with double sealing seam
> optional separation of the bag overhang is possible
> individual initiation of the welding systems
> lifting mechanism without cables

Transport belt
> each chamber has an automatic transport belt
> manually adjustable for height
> easy installation and dismantling for optimal cleaning conditions


> Gasification with long stainless steel nozzles
> Simple cut-off sealing
> Separately adjustable cut-off seal
> Top/bottom sealing
> Soft ventilation
> Inspection glass in the lid
> Automatic lid shift
> Movable bridging roller track at the right and left side of the machine
> Control from the side or the rear at a stainless steel arm



TITAN-X 950 A vacuum machine guarantees an interruption free
packaging process through the double chambers. Can be part of a complete  automatic vacuum packaging line.
Seal length: 950 / 700 mm


TITAN-F 1000 A with automatic transport belt

Single chamber, mobile machine, ideally suited for speeding up the packaging process through the automatic transport belt. Can be a part of a complete automatic vacuum packaging line via integration into existing conveying systems.
Seal length:  550 / 980 mm

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