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External Vacuum Machines

Vacuum packaging is the process of extracting air around a bagged product and then sealing the product in its impermeable package. It protects the product from oxidation, spoilage and contamination while it reduces its volume. Vacuum packaging is used in food applications such as cheese, meat or fish, medical products and in a wide variety of industries in general.

External vacuum packaging machines, or alternatively external vacuum sealers, constitute the perfect solution for businesses that need to maintain their food products fresh for a longer period of time, but have to operate under space or budget constraints. These vacuum sealing machines feature compact footprints with extremely thin profiles in order to ensure that you can take your first step in appropriately storing your perishable foods before refrigeration or freezing.

Kapelis Packaging S.A. offers the OnVac series of tabletop external vacuum machines, which are a practical, easy to use and economical solution for vacuum packaging, with a variety of basic functions, offering different sealing lengths and widths depending on the dimensions of the selected bag and the product to be packaged.

The machine models we offer have all been designed for and exhibit exceptional quality and durability, as they are able to withstand the rigors of constant use in compatible applications. Depending on each individual machine model, they are compatible with normal vacuum bags and embossed/grid bags, while their simple control schemes and layouts make them extremely easy to use.

Semi-professional external vacuum packaging machine with sealing length 320 mm and sealing width 2.5mm


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