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Food Vacuum Bags

Premium Food Vacuum Bags - Keep Your Food Fresh Longer

Vacuum packaging is the process of extracting air around a product and then sealing the product in an impermeable package.

It protects the product from oxidation, spoilage and contamination while it reduces its volume.

Vacuum packaging is used in food such as cheese, meat or fish, medical products and in general in a wide variety of industries.

It requires the necessary vacuum chamber and the relevant vacuum pouches.


Large range of vacuum PA/PE bags from Niederwieser.

- Main thicknesses: 70, 90, 145, 170 & 200 microns.

- In a large variety of pre-made dimensions or tailor made bags on order

- Bottom seal (BS) or 3 sides seal (3SS) bags. 2 Sides Seal bags also possible

- Transparent or in a series of basic colors (white, red, yellow, green) or any other color on order for an exclusive product appearance, coverage or light protection

- Golden/ Silver bags

- Eurohole optional

- Easy open tearing notch optional

- Very good seals


Furthermore, a series of specialized materials are available such as:

- MLX bags with an EVOH layer for High gas Barrier.
High Barrier bags are also available with a Saran (PVdC) layer

- SF (Sterilization Foil) bags for pasteurization, sterilization, even baking up to 1210C. They cover boilable bags requirements

- OPA/PE bags for deep freeze conditions down to -400C

- Gusseted bags for rectangular (“brick”) vacuum packs as for coffee (in combination with the relevant mould in a vertical vacuum chamber

- Embossed bags for external vacuum machines

Shrink Vacuum Bags 

Shrink vacuum bags can be shrunk after having been vacuumized in a suitable hot water bath. This way “dog ears” or any other protruding part of the bag can be shrunk around the product giving an attractive final result. Usually found in meat or hard cheese products (such as block or wheel shaped).

- Low gas Barrier bags (LB) are permeable enough to allow the release of CO2 produced during cheese ripening that continues in the pack. This way, the cheese keeps its humidity and original weight. Suitable also for meat aging.

- High gas Barrier bags (HB) aim to pack already ripened cheese or meat

- With a straight or round bottom (suited mostly to wheel cheeses)

- Very good clarity

- Very good seals

All the above bags can have a high quality print.

Specialized Vacuum bags PLASTOBARR

Pre-made pouches for vacuum or MAP applications, printed or plain with excellent mechanical and sealing properties and in a variety of sizes, forms, thickness and gas permeability. Ideal for big sizes and good machinability. Manufactured out of recyclable resins, they are an environmental friendly choice.


- Excellent mechanical properties even at low gauges, suitable for shipment and shelf presentation

- Symmetrical, they don’t coil

- Medium or High Barrier, suitable for vacuum & MAP packaging

- Usage temperatures between -400C up to +950C (microwaves, pasteurization)

- Special ovenable bags category (Thermo-Cook) are suitable for baking in the oven

- Very good sealing properties

- Very good clarity

- Easy open optional


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