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Dual Ovenable CPET trays
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Dual Ovenable CPET trays

CPET Trays

CPET (Crystallized Poly-ethylene Terephthalate or Crystallized Polyester in short) is the known PET that has undergone crystallization. This process improves PET’s thermal, mechanical and barrier properties. So, it can endure temperatures up to +220°C(!) whereas it is still suitable for deep freeze applications down to –40°C.


> Suitable for:

  • Baking directly in the tray in a conventional oven, domestic or professional (the tray must not come in direct contact with red-hot elements but it is heated through the surrounding hot air).
  • Reheat in microwaves
  • Deep freeze conditions down to –40°C

> Suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) as a high barrier material

> Certified for Food contact

> Sealable with top film (either lock seal or easy open)

> Most items have a relevant snap on lid, usually clear APET

> Recyclable

> Big variety of shapes, dimensions and compartments

Special CPET versions:

CPET trays can be delivered, on order, in the following versions:

> CPET PL: CPET trays with improved sealing properties for applications where a sealed tray must withstand further thermal stress such as in pasteurization.

> CPET Hi Impact ή “Jaguar”: focus here is in low temperatures. Special additives increase CPET’s impact strength and the tray is less brittle in deep freezing conditions.


⇒ CPET items are the ones starnting with 2 (pink color) in the pdf catalog.
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