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The first fully 
gas-tight cardboard
suitable for Modified Atmosphere 
Packaging (MAP)
The future of 
packaging is here!
The first cardboard trays, suitable for MAP and Skin
Kapelis packaging, exclusively for Greece, imports the innovative, fully gas-tight, eco-friendly cardboard trays, produced by Halopack©.
The peelable thin lining can easily be split from the cardboard, resulting in two fully recyclable parts.
From recycled
paper, coated without
 additives or glue.
90% less plastic 
used per tray.
High barrier properties
for shelf life preservation and/ or extension of products packed under modified atmosphere (MAP).
Possibility for:
the freshness 
of food
The product range

Printable on all surface

Special coating (m.c.)

The trays can have a special coating on the outside (machine coating "lacquer", also environmentally friendly), for even greater resistance to moisture and to avoid stains, "dirts", etc., when used in production environments with high fats and oils content.
The absolute 
Of new generation in 
food packaging 
Skin packaging
Packaging for a wide range of products
such as: ready meals, meat, fish, fresh salads, cheese, and baked goods
More than 1 billion pc sales in Europe.
Indicative list of customers using the Halopack © system.
Naturally Awarded
Kapelis Packaging received 3 important awards for the Halopack system at the Green Awards 2022, winning, among others, the top title "Brand of the Year 2022".

The aim of the Green Awards is to promote innovation, rewarding development processes and services with low carbon footprint on the planet, sustainable technologies and practices, energy efficiency and in addition to highlighting all products that are considered Green, Eco-friendly, Recyclable , Reusable and Zero Waste.

The awards in detail:
Grand Award: Brand of the Year
Gold Award: Green Technology Concept
Gold Award: Green Project

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