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APET Trays & Lids

APET Trays

APET trays (Amorphous Poly-ethylene Terephthalate or Polyester in short) are transparent, strong yet flexible and can be used between –40°C up to +65°C.



> Excellent clarity that enhances product’s image

> Can be used down to -400C (deep freeze conditions)

> Suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) under certain conditions

> Certified for Food contact

> Sealable with top film (either lock seal or easy open)

> Can close with a snap on lid, separate or hinged

> RecyclableBig variety of shapes, dimensions and compartments

> Transparent or in black or white color

Kapelis Packaging has a wide range of disposable trays in a variety of shapes, colors and materials.

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