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Thermoforming Film

Kapelis Packaging offers a complete range of common or specialized thermoforming films, both flexible and rigid. 

Rigid films give rigid trays, usual in meat or hard cheese packaging, whereas flexible are combined with vacuum packaging (common in sausages, feta cheese, olives etc.).

Flexible films

Polyamide (Nylon) for formability and gas barrier laminated internally with Polyethylene (PE) is the base material of this film type. In combination with flexible top films, they aim to enfold the product in a vacuum pack.

Available in thicknesses between 70 and 200 microns, depending mainly on the depth of the formed container (deep draw). In case of MAP gas flush or the need of preservation of volatile aromas, high barrier PA/PE/EVOH/PE films are available as well.

High tech flexible films, Multiform range

Further to the above, specialized, multilayered, flexible thermoforming films come from Plastopil under Multiform X-treme and FW ranges. They can give thicker corners even at deep trays.

> Excellent clarity and gloss for an attractive product presentation

> Medium or High Barrier

> Used between -400C (deep freeze conditions) up to +950C (pasteurization)

> Sealing through food residues

> With enhanced puncture and tearing resistance they are suitable for hard or sharp products, as well as with good machinability

> Lock seal or easy open

> Available thicknesses between 75 and 400 microns

Ovenable thermoforming films TC

Plastopil has also developed Multiform TC (Thermo-Cook) series, ie, ovenable thermoforming films. Keeping up with all optical and mechanical properties of Multiform series, they have furthermore the property of ovenability up to 2200C! (by utilizing oven’s ambiend heat, not in direct contact with a red-hot element). Combined with the relevant TC top films (for example TC B445) they are suitable for ready meals packaging based on meat, fish, cheese, vegetables and more in automated, high speed production lines.

Rigid films

> Monolayered films or laminated with an internal PE sealing layer for more options in sealing features

> Low, Medium or High barrier with an internal EVOH layer, suitable for MAP applications

> In compact or foamed form

> Gauges of up to 1800 microns (1,8 mm)

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