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Flowpack Film

Film reels suitable for flowpack applications, either at horizontal or vertical packing lines. Made of Biaxialy Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) are very clear, with good seals and mechanical strength, suitable for a large variety of applications. They can be printed. Perforation is also an option, especially for bakery products.

Earthfilm- Recyclable film

Earthfilm is a Plastic-free & recyclable barrier flow-wrap film that is environmentally-friendly and can be recycled as part of the paper stream. It is a paper with a 100% plastic-free heat-sealable coating which can be formed into a pouch, providing a grease, oxygen and moisture barrier.

Earthfilm is sustainable, as it is manufactured from a renewable material source. The film is recyclable as part of the paper stream.

Earthfilm can be printed , using only eco-friendly water-based inks.
It can withstand temperatures from -18° C up to 220° C which makes it suitable for freezing, cooking in a conventional oven (fan mode) and microwave ovens

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