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OnShrink CTS series
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Automatic Shrinking systems CTS 400

Fully automatic machines with continuous motion (box motion) sealing bar, have the ability of continuous packaging in high or very high speed, up to 120 pieces/ min.
The machine is easily adaptable in products of different dimensions.
The sealing blade has a ceramic coating that allows the machine to be functional in high temperatures and for long periods of time.
Ergonomic, stable, with high quality manufacturing materials (with PLC made by Siemens and pneumatic valves by FESTO), ensures stable packaging quality and a long lifespan. The 4 servomotors also ensure smooth operation with the ability for minor adjustments.

General Features:
> Ergonomic, low supervision, low maintenance
> 3 seals system
> Servo moving guillotine in two axes
> Ideal for constant product changes.
> Automatic track of product presence. Sensor ensures the products’ safety
> Automatic adjustment in products with different dimensions
> Easy and quick changes between film rolls of different widths
> Siemens PLC with 99 memory programs and a colour touch screen
> User-friendly
> Continuous temperature control
> Suitable for Polyolefin film (PO) & Polyethylene film (PE)
> Less film consumption
> Double silicone curtains on each side of the shrinking tunnel for optimal   results
> Shrinking tunnel with double insulation
> In accordance with the CE regulations

Optional on request: Film leftover collection by means of vacuum.

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