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OnShrink KL series
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Semi-automatic L-sealers


Electronic (with PLC) semi-automatic L-sealers.

KL semiautomatic machines combine speed and flexibility.
The worker has to place the product manually between the film sheets and move it onto the sealing area. Film sealing takes place either manually or automatically by means of time settings. Then, the product is being conveyed to
the shrinking tunnel.
The machine is electronic, controlled by PLC, and always delivered in its mechanic version, so there is no need to buy any air compressor to operate it.

General features:
> Semiautomatic mode: the worker having placed the product onto the sealing area presses a button (or a pedal, on order). L sealer gets activated, seals the envelope and then product is forwarded to the shrink tunnel.
> Worker protection: L sealer reverts to its standby position whenever it meets any “obstacle” such as worker’s hand.
> Adjustable sealing time & temperature
> Forwarding conveyor built in sealing area
> Tunnel conveyor made of silicone-coated revolving rods
> Adjustable working height
> Very easy product change
> Stainless-coil heating elements
> Double layers of silicon curtain
> Double layer insulation of the shrink tunnel
> Suitable for PO films
> Machine built according to CE directives

Optional on order:

> Automatic film leftover rewinder

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