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OnShrink KP series
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One-step shrinking machines

KP 4255
KP 4770

Manual L-sealers.

One-step shrinking machines KP 4255 και KP 4770 are high quality machines. Even though the procedure is manual, they provide fully professional results for a wide range of applications.

General Features:
> Easy to use
> Strong seals
> They can work only as L-sealers by deactivating heating
> Adjustable: sealing time, sealing temperature, shrinking time
> Electromagnet holds the cover closed during the shrink process. Automatic opening.
> Powerful fan motor (2 fans are standard in KP4770)
> Adjustable product height
> Perforating needles for micro-holes
> Wheeled transport stand
> Conforms to CE regulations

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