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Gas Analyzer

Handheld gas analyzers for controlling oxygen and carbon dioxide residues in modified atmosphere food packaging (MAP).


AtmoCheck® series devices are portable, practical gas analyzers that run on battery power.


Ideal quality control devices for fast, accurate residual gas control in the package, measured at production, storage or the laboratory.


They excel due to their easy operation, short measurement times and very small gas sample requirement.


AtmoCheck® software with a built-in data recorder allows fast, simple communication with the user and is safe and easy to use.


Kapelis Packaging is actively entering the field of packaging quality control, introducing the AtmoCheck® quality analytical devices.



  • Simple, one-handed operation
  • Simple transfer and analysis of measurement data. Data can be processed with Excel at any time
  • Ability to primarily set alerts and align recorded data to product folders
  • Built-in “smart” system with warning signs for upcoming service
  • Integrated memory stores at least 1000 measurements
  • USB port for easy data transfer and battery recharging
  • Simple cleaning and long life thanks to the robust design
  • Safe handling due to ergonomic design
  • Simple configuration using the built-in data logging software
  • Indication of (depending on model) O2, and / or CO2 (optional additionally N2) percentage
  • A low volume sample of gas is required for measurement
  • Battery operation (wireless and portable)
  • Large, clear backlit screen
  • Each device and accessories/ consumables that come with it are included in an attractive, durable hard cover case for safe transport, ready for immediate use
  • User manual is included as a PDF in the accompanying USB stick
  • European construction, certified according to ISO9001: 2015
  • CE marking
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