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X-RAY Inspection Systems

Kapelis Packaging S.A., in collaboration with the highly-esteemed German company Cassel, offers the METAL SHARK series of product metal detectors· a machine series of exceptional speed and precision, suitable for the inspection of a wide range of products. The machines of this series offer a very high degree of sensitivity for the detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metals (iron, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.) in packaged and unpackaged products, even in applications of dry, fresh, frozen or high salt concentration products, with unparalleled reliability.

Distinguished for their ease of use and capability of the detailed configuration of their functions, they are capable of a 24-hour constant operation in demanding industrial environments. Depending on the selected configuration, they can be equipped with the appropriate high-standard conveyor belt, capable of two-way operation.

They offer ease of cleaning and maintenance, with regards to all parts of the machine. Furthermore, they are fully compliant with the IFS Food, HACCP and BRC quality assurance and safety standards in the food industry.

Depending on each model configuration, the METAL SHARK metal detector series indicatively offers:

  • Maximum detection performance with high reliability due to the advanced technology of the sensor head as well as the detection method that covers the entire detection area within the frame.
  • Stable detection performance even with changes in product composition or temperature.
  • Fixed or floor-standing wheeled machine version with a frame made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, with adjustable height and an easy dismantling procedure.
  • Machine version with a high degree of protection from dust and water.
  • Extremely simple function control, automatic calibration and advanced TeachAssistant system.
  • Special sensor head version with the ability to operate on multiple alternative frequencies.
  • Exceptional ease of use by integrating an intuitive multilingual function management and parameter selection system, via a 5.4-inch color screen with integrated function and navigation keys.
  • Automatic disposal system for defects, with transversal pusher, reject/drop flap or air blast, etc.
  • Discarded product collection bin.
  • Disposal system cover.
  • Various conveyor belt dimensions.
  • Minimal maintenance needs, with great ease of cleaning.
  • Hundreds of freely programmable memory slots.
  • Adjustable conveyor belt speed.
  • Documentation of all events and detector messages.
  • Data transfer function via USB interface or via connection to your company’s network using the advanced SHARKNET software.
  • Capability of remote connection for the purpose of technical inspection and repair, as well as the change of the function parameters of the machine.
  • SHARKNET link for automatic documentation to comply with HACCP, IFS or BRC standards. IFS5 and HACCP reports available on the machine’s display, at the touch of a button.
  • Cyclical function monitoring with Performance Validation System (PVS).
  • High reliability of metal detection function enabling a 24-hour constant operation of the machine.
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