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HSM V-Press 605
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HSM V-Press 605

Cardboard and Plastic Vertical Balers - HSM V-Press 605 Eco

Kapelis Packaging S.A., in collaboration with the highly esteemed German manufacturer HSM, offers the technologically advanced and fully efficient V-Press range of baling machines· the absolute first choice in paper, cardboard and plastic balers, with incomparable quality and wide range of capabilities.

The HSM V-Press 605 Eco model reduces the volume of cardboard and plastic film in the most efficient and economical way, in its respective class.

Indicatively, the V-Press 605 Eco model offers the following advantages:

  • Ergonomic and compact design/dimensions, small footprint
  • Low installation height and surface
  • Quick and easy press assembly
  • Special retaining claws that optimize the compression of the pressing material, increasing both the loading volume and the volume of the bale output
  • Modern microprocessor control with membrane keypad and graphical display, which displays the respective current status
  • Selectable programs for pressing cardboard or plastic film
  • Machine door configuration: Double door
  • To fill the press, the upper half of the doors is swung to the right
  • Machine door lock configuration: Rotating hand wheel door lock, with a counter-rotating thread for quick opening and closing mounted at an ergonomic height, including an opening aid for expansive materials
  • Self-latching, closing technology
  • The pressing procedure starts automatically upon closing the door
  • Quick and safe opening of the door
  • Upon opening the door, a security switch assures an automatic stop of the pressing procedure
  • Torsion control system, which prevents one side from overloading during the compression process
  • Automated press ram return at the end of the pressing procedure
  • Bale removal by a mechanical ejector on a compatible pallet
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