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Absorbent Pads for Meat & Poultry
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Absorbent Pads for Meat & Poultry

Absorbent and Shelf-life Extending Materials for Meat & Poultry – Dri-Fresh and Sira-Flex ranges:

Our partner Sirane offers novelty applications and significant shelf-life extension of meat and poultry products with technologically advanced pads and papers:

Absorbing pads, Dri-Fresh Range:

> Made of cellulosic material purely or with the addition of super absorbing fibers. High level of absorbency. Approved for direct food contact.

> Layered:

  • On one side, non-perforated.
  • On both sides, in case of transparent container, perforated on both sides.

> To be put under the meat, inside the tray or the bag.

> Holding absorbed liquids even when saturated.

> Any size, shape or configuration available, according to customer demands and the product’s kind and weight.

Possible Integrated Abilities:

> Anti-microbial/ Anti-bacterial Dri-Fresh Fresh-Hold ABM:

  • Incorporated with natural fruit extracts, which naturally enhance the product’s natural anti-microbial defenses, when activated by moisture. Bacterial and pathogenic microbe (e.g. Salmonella) growth is suppressed.
  • Significantly exceeding shelf-life, adding value to meat and poultry products.

> Odour Absorbent Dri-Fresh Fresh-Hold ΟΑ:

  • Reduces/ eliminates organic odours of meat that can lead to false “spoiled meat” impression during unpackaging.
  • Contains porous Active Carbon, that binds various substances at contact, including VOCs that produce organic odours inside the pack. Also suppresses bacterial growth..

Active Carbon stripes available also as stickers.

> Ovenable DriFresh Supreme:

  • Great absorbency before and during cooking.
  • Absorbs excess fat and juices released during the cooking process, resulting in healthier, crispier and cleaner food.
  • Designed for use in oven (in combination with ovenable bags or CPET trays) and grill (combined with BBQ bags). Temperature range of use: -300C up to +2000

Sira-Flex range:

> SiraFlex meatsaver:

  • Pure cellulose-based paper.
  • Will not stick to meat or tear when removed.
  • Controlled absorbency, excellent wet-strength.
  • Stops discolouration of meat.
  • Ideal for presentation trays in butcher’s stores.
  • Black, green, peach, white colours available. Offered in cut sheets or reels.


> Sira-Flex Crepe paper:

  • Low-cost, low absorbency, non-linting cut sheets.
  • Will not tear after absorbing meat liquid.
  • Popular for lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, duck presentation.
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