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Absorbent Pads for Fruits & Vegetables
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Absorbent Pads for Fruits & Vegetables

Absorbing and Shelf-life-extending Pads for Fruits & Vegetables – Dri-Fresh range:

Our supplier Sirane offers significant shelf-life extension of agricultural products with the technologically advanced pads:


Absorbing pads, Dri-Fresh Range:

> Made of cellulosic material purely or with the addition of super absorbing fibers. High level of absorbency. Approved for direct food contact.

> Layered:

  • On one side, non-perforated.
  • On both sides, in case of transparent container, perforated on both sides.
  • Pad thickness: ~1 to 5mm.

> Proposed absorbency grade for fruits and vegetables: 800 ml/ m2.

> Any size, shape or configuration available, according to customer demands and the product’s kind and weight.

Possible Integrated Abilities:

> Embossed, Cushion, Shock Absorbing Dri-Fresh Soft-Hold:

Provides the ultimate spongy protection for soft fruit. Prevents bruising during transport and storage, thus extending the product’s shelf-life. Embossed polyethylene (PE) surface encourages air flow beneath the product, ensuring the fruit is allowed to breathe.

> Anti-microbial/ Anti-bacterial Dri-Fresh Fresh-Hold ABV:

Incorporated with natural fruit extracts, which naturally enhance the products natural anti-microbial defenses, when activated by moisture. Bacterial growth is suppressed.

> Ethylene and Odor Absorbent Dri-Fresh Fresh-Hold EA:

Absorbs Ethylene released by the fruit or vegetable during the ripening and ageing process. Ethylene is the most potent agent of ageing of agricultural products and its effective absorption has a proven and significant benefit for shelf-life.

Contains Active Carbon, that binds various substances at contact, including ethylene inside the pack. Fruits and vegetables do not premature/ decay. At the same time, it absorbs odors.

> Suitable mainly for use with Climacteric goods.

> Active Carbon stripes available also as stickers.


Fully (100%) compostable variation is available, consisting of pure cellulose with a natural bio-polymer cover layer.

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