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Absorbing Pads for Fish & Seafood
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Absorbing Pads for Fish & Seafood

Absorbent and Shelf-life Extending Materials for Fish & Seafood:

Sirane offers novelty applications and significant shelf-life extension of fish and seafood products with technologically advanced pads and liners:
Absorbing pads, Dri-Fresh Range:

• Made of cellulosic material purely or with the addition of super absorbing fibers. High level of absorbency. Approved for direct food contact.
• Layered:

On one side, non-perforated.
On both sides, in case of transparent container, perforated on both sides.

• To be put under the fish, inside the tray or the bag.
• Holding absorbed liquids even when saturated.
• Any size, shape or configuration available, according to customer demands and the product’s kind and weight.

Possible Integrated Abilities:

Anti-microbial/ Anti-bacterial Dri-Fresh Fresh-Hold ABS:

• Incorporated with natural fruit extracts, which naturally enhance the product’s natural anti-microbial defenses, when activated by moisture. Bacterial and pathogenic microbe (e.g. Salmonella) growth is suppressed.
• Significantly exceeding shelf-life, adding value to fish and seafood products.

Odour Absorbent Dri-Fresh Fresh-Hold ΟΑ:

• Reduces/ eliminates organic odours of fish that can lead to false “spoiled product” impression during unpackaging.
• Contains porous Active Carbon, that binds various substances at contact, including VOCs that produce organic odours inside the pack. Also suppresses bacterial growth..
Active Carbon stripes available also as stickers.

Ovenable Dri-Fresh Supreme:

• Great absorbency before and during cooking.
• Absorbs excess fat and juices released during the cooking process, resulting in healthier, crispier and cleaner food.
• Designed for use in oven (in combination with ovenable bags or CPET trays) and grill (combined with BBQ bags). Temperature range of use: -300C up to +2000C.

Absorbent pads/ liners for fish transportation Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh SP2:

• Absorbent liners, designed to quickly and effectively absorb the melting ice and juices released during fish transportation. The liquid is absorbed quickly and trapped inside the liner to prevent spillage, reduce odour and suppress bacterial growth. Each liner can absorb 1 to 7 liters of water.
• The transport crate remains cold, clean and dry to optimize the condition and appearance of the fish, thus optimizing their sale price.
• Range of absorbencies and sizes available.

Mats to keep live seafood fresh Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh Ice-Mat:

• Slowly releasing saltwater. Ideal to keep live catches such as lobsters, crabs etc. fresh during transportation.
• Once soaked in saltwater and then frozen, they are laid over the crates containing live seafood, helping maintain freshness. The saltwater’s staggered release means that the product remains in premium condition. Seafood which dies during transportation is dramatically reduced, sale price is optimized.

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