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The Tauras-Fenix volumetric rotary fillers are designed to automatically dose a wide array of free-flowing small size products with the diameter of the particles up to 10 mm. The design of the machine eliminates the probability of causing any damage to the product while in the filling process. When working with free-flowing small size products, the filler’s performance is remarkable (150 g cooking bags filled with grains – up to 140 doses/min). This filler can run both independently and with vertical packaging machines from the Pitpack series.
Dosing cups number: 6
Dose volume: 0,04 – 1,2 lt

Products to be packed:

Free-flowing loose or small piece products (not abrasive or dusty): grains, cereals, seeds, nuts, tea, coffee, pepper seeds, granulated food and non-food products.

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