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Volumetric OEM Filling Systems Series
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Volumetric OEM Filling Systems For Vertical & Horizontal Packaging Machines

KULP OEM fillers are especially designed for vertical or horizontal packaging machines in order to use professional filling systems on these systems. There are different models starting from one to six head machines for various filling ranges.

General Features:

> Very easy to move for cleaning processes while it stands on a stainless steel platform which is supported by 4 castors.
> Height adjustment frame for easy installation on any packaging machinery.
> Adjustable nozzle scheme for different types of packages.
> Can be controlled from the main machine PLC via electro pneumatic valve.
> Optional level indicator system on the hopper to control the feeding systems (pumps) which transfers the product to be filled.
> Can be easily installed by the professionals during the production of the
packaging machines or end users after the sales of the packaging machinery.

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