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Volumetric Semi-Automatic Machines
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Volumetric Semi-Automatic Machines

The VD series consists of semi-automatic filling machines.

Their operation is purely pneumatic. The satisfactory operating pressure is around 6 bars. They have a volumetric piston feed system.

Suitable for filling a wide range of viscous products or products with pieces such as: honey, jam, fruit paste, purees, creams, mustard, mayonnaise, dressings, shampoos, soaps, nail polish and so on.

General Features:

  • Filling range from 5 ml. to 5000 ml.
  • Filling accuracy ±1%.
  • Primes the product directly from the hopper or the production tank which is   located above the machine.
  • The rate of prime and eject is variable and adjustable individually by choke   valves.
  • Manual and continous operation from control box.
  • Table-top or castored versions.
  • Wide range of nozzle accessories.
  • Parts in touch with the product are made of stainless steel 316L.
  • Sealings are Teflon, Viton, Polyethylene depending on the product to be filled.
  • Can be assembled toolless and easily cleaned. All parts are connected by tri-clovers.
  • Highest surface roughness against contamination.
  • No danger of fire (exproof).
  • All moving parts are guarded.
  • CE marked.
  • Easy to adjust the filling range from the numerator and hand wheels.

Optional: Manual machine height adjustment.

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