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Jam – Marmalade – Fruit Preserves
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Jam – Marmalade – Fruit Preserves

The product category:

Jam, marmalade, and preserves are all soft fruit spreads made by cooking fruits with sugar to preserve them. Vanilla and chocolate creams have similar characteristics, regarding their packaging process.

Types of Machines used:

For jams, marmelades, sweet preserves and sweet creams, tray sealers, stick machines, doypack machines or even thermoforming machines, are the most appropriate types to use, along with suitable dosing systems. Vacuum chambers or heat-sealers can be used after filling jars with such products.

Package type used:

The packaging of the specific category is mostly done using stick bags, doypack-type bags and jars. The package type you will chose will depend on the end-result you wish to achieve and of the specific product you have.

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