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The product category:

All types of juice, whether from fresh fruits or vegetables, are included in this category. The primary function of packaging is to protect the product, maintaining its safety and quality, and ensuring it reaches the consumer in the same condition as when it was first produced.

From standalone equipment or complete line solutions, we can work closely with you to provide solutions for aseptic or hot filling that make storage more convenient and eliminate the need for a cold chain. This ensures that you can bring any beverage safely to market without preservatives and with a longer shelf-life – all while preserving quality, taste and freshness.

Types of Machines used:

A wide range of packaging solutions for juice is available, whether the product concerns fresh juice or juice made from fruits & vegetables concentrate, as well as many other types of drinks. Bottling machines, tri-block compact machines, complete filling lines, cardboard container fillers, doypack filling lines, stick machines or semiautomatic volumetric dosing systems can be proposed depending on the product and pack type.

Package type used:

Plastick (PET, HDPE) or glass bottles are mostly used as well as other pack types such as carton packs, doypack-type bags or even sticks or other other bag types. The package type depends on the specific product and the end-result wished to achieve.

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