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Doypack Bags

Doypack Bags (Stand-Up Pouches) composed of flexible material but, due to their bottom formation, can stand up on the shelf resulting in a better and more competitive product presentation as well as in a better usability.

  • General features:
    • Always with zip closure
    • Always with tearing notch for easy-open
    • In a variety of standard dimensions, special dimensions upon order
    • Transparent, coloured, metallized, with kraft paper layer, with Aluminium (for odour preservation, UV protection)
    • With/ without window

    Extra custom features:

    • One way valve (mainly for coffee packaging, CO2 outflow and no air influx)
    • Eurohole or handle
    • Suitability for MAP
    • Quality print
    • Can be recyclable
  • Doypack Bags (Stand-Up Pouches) can be sealed at a tabletop sealer. If however they are thick or have a Kraft or Aluminum layer, a more specialized sealer is required with a wide sealing area and both jaws heated.
  • It is worth mentioning here that, in case of high production speeds, automatic packing machines can, either use premade pouches or to form them at spot using the suitable film reel (adding a zipper or a valve if necessary). Kapelis packaging offers both machine types.\

Doypack type Bags from compostable material

A novel flowpack film, which is not only fully recyclable, but compostable as well.

Made from virgin paper raw material, with an inner biodegradable coating that grants barrier against moisture, oxygen and grease.  Ideal for packaging food like cereal, cereal bars, dry nuts, sweets, cookies, pet food and more.


  • It can withstand temperatures from -18° C up to  90° C,and is thus suitable for freezing , but also for cooking in a conventional oven (in fan mode) and microwave oven
  • Ideal for packaging dried fruits, products with low humidity but also products with medium fat content

Extra Features:

  • Available with “window”
  • Availble for custom digital print with 4 colors.

It is provided as a film (Earth-film), as pre-shaped doypacks (Earth-pouches), or finally as pre-shaped bags (Earth-bags)

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