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Beautifully designed gift bags from our partner Cor Rijken, for use as clip bags or thermoforming with clipping machines and heat-sealers for packaging products such as bread & pastry, cookies, chocolates, candy, chocolate or cereal bars, fruits and vegetables, nuts & seeds as well as dried fruitsNon-food items such as various gifts, bottles and toys to name a few can also use this packaging method.

More details:

Consistent quality and high precision of dimensions across all of our products
BRC-IoP Certification, complying with all the rules for food safety, packaging and storage.
> Bags suitable for food contact
> Large variety of bags & stock available
Custom-made bags in any dimensions you wish, with precision
> Cutting-edge machinery and highly qualified personnel, to guarantee the highest quality
> You can determine the materials yourself as well as the thickness of the foil, the kind of coating etc.
> All of our products are resistant, durable and will seamlessly meet all of your requirements
Clear, glossy and attractive bags made of durable material that does not require stringent storage conditions
> When it comes to custom-made design, we print your own personalised print concept made-to-order
Possibility of hot welding for professional applications

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