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In a few words...

  • Kapelis Packaging +

    Kapelis Packaging provides packaging Machines & Materials to the local food industry.


    Have a look in our products at the product menu on your left.


    You will find a wide variety of packaging solutions. At least one should be suitable for your product.


    Know us better in Company page and get in contact with us!


    Come and visit our packaging materials show room to get ideas from a wide range of items.


    Bring your product with you and come to our offices for a test packing in one of the demo machines found in our machines show room.


    We have samples of packaging materials and machines, which we may lend to customers as demo equipment. The sale gets finalized after successful & satisfactory tests from customer's side.


    Our aim is to provide total packaging solutions, something we do over the years to our customers. Come and visit us with your product samples to test in our permanent machines exhibition or ask to send packaging materials samples for free!


    Machines are not just being sold but of-course run in and installed. Technical support is available to our customers so as the machine won't stop serving its purpose. Consumable parts, as well as any other specific part on order, are also available.


    You can check our youtube channel to get a better understanding of our machines here:

  • Tray Sealing +

    DSC08193 1 smallPackaging method that seals trays with film. For one use trays click here. For CPET trays click here.

    For the available films here.

    Kapelis Packaging also provides manual, semi-automatic and automatic Tray machines.

  • Envelope Packaging +

    folderEvery product, even in powder or liquid form can be packaged in an envelope in horizontal (flowpack), or vertical machines.

  • Vacuum packaging +

    untitled 4 900X600Vacuum is widely used in food packaging as due to the fact that the air and oxygen are removed, the products life extends naturally.

    For vacuum bags click here.

    For vacuum chambers click here.

  • Shrinking +

    surriknosiThis method utilizes the properties of specific films to shrink and wrap the product.

    For Shrink Films click here. For Shrinking Machines here.

  • Thermoforming +

    thermodiamorfosiThermoforming machines create, fill and seal trays on the spot. in short these machines are a smoall production and filling line.

    For Thermoforming Films click here.

    For Thermoforming Machines here.

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