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Automatic In-Line Filling Machines

KULP Automatic In-Line Filling Machines are designed to fill from 5 ml up to 5.000 ml for any kind of liquids, semi liquids, viscous, paste and granular products into glass, plastic and tin containers with ± 1% filling accuracy.

General Features:

> Work with a volumetric piston system.
> Servo Motor controlled filling pistons.
> Oil-free FESTO pneumatics.
> Touch Screen Control Panel. User friendly interface software in English.
> Recordable programming on the memory.
> The parts that contact with the product are of stainless steel.
> Suitable for hot or cold filling processes.
> Primes the product from 100-liter hopper with an automatic level control system.
> Adjustable priming and filling speeds from the Touch Screen Control Panel.
> Specific design filling nozzles according to the product to be filled with anti dropping system.
> All the parts including the main valve and the nozzles are connected by tri-clamps for easy disassembling during the cleaning process. Filling pistons can be easily taken out from the filler without disassembling the main valve and the hopper during the cleaning process.


> Servo Motor controlled diving nozzles. (bottom to up filling)
> wall showering nozzles for filling foamy products.
> C.I.P. Cleaning System.
> Cleaning System on the backside of the sealing heads inside the filling cylinders for sticky products.
> Double Jacketed hopper.
> Agitator on the hopper.

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