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Stickpack STP-250
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Compact multi-row Stickpack machine

It is intended for packing of one portion bulk products, small piece materials, granules, powders and liquids. Drive of transverse station for a smaller productivity is pneumatic. For higher consumption servo drive can be used. The machine can be equipped by volumetric, auger, weight or liquid dosers. Number of tubes from 1 to 6. Maximum film width 250 mm.

Products to be packed:

Liquid and paste products: sauces, mayo, ketchup, mustard, syrup, liquid soap, shampoo, etc.
Granulated and powder products: salt, sugar, dry creamer, coffee, tee, spices, non-food products.

General Features:

> Stainless Steel AISI 304 as standard equipment
> Compact design with easy to build accessories
> High accessibility of mechanical parts
> High performances (up to 60 cycles/min)
> Easy to change bag length o Axis servo (film pulling)
> Bag width, max: 40 mm

Packaging Materials
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